Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Buxton and District U3A and Discover Buxton have been working on a project since 2016 to capture memories and create an audio archive for the Crescent, Pump Room, Natural Baths and town. Buxton’s ‘Present from the Past’ project has been capturing sound-bites and snap-shots of the town and are effectively helping to bring the rich history of Buxton and surrounding area to life.

The memories collected will be deposited at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and the Derbyshire Record Office and be part of the Musuem’s website Wonders of the Peak as well as help inform the development of the Buxton Crescent Heritage Experience.

The fascinating recollections will also support future research and inspire education and community projects and events in the future.

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust and Buxton Museum and Art Gallery are grateful for the support the Bingham Trust has given the Oral Histories project.

If you have memories of the Crescent, Pump Room, Natural Baths or town you would like to share please contact Liz Mackenzie email: lmackenzie@buxtoncrescent.com.

We hope you enjoy listening to the following memories….

Oliver Gomersall remembers bathing in the Natural Baths in the 1930’s

Lyn’s memories of the chandeliers in the Crescent Assembly Room

Nick Lawrence MD of Medussa Stonemasonry on the challenges of working on the Crescent

Scott Hammond – Architect describes the Crescent’s structure above the river Wye

Janet Byers recalls the cold water treatments in the Natural Baths

Nick Laurence MD of Mesussa Stonemasonry discusses the front and back of the Crescent

Scott Hammond – Architect talks about the bath water